Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-11T08:29:55+00:00

Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions.

The below list of answers cover most of the common questions we are frequently asked. We will add to this list when new topics are raised.

If you have a question not covered below, then please contact us by email…

Do I need an online account to make a purchase?2021-01-10T13:14:51+00:00


Online accounts are not required to make a purchase.

We offer secure payment checkout through PayPal where you can either log into your PayPal account or choose to use a credit / debit card.

You will receive updates via email for all stages of your order processing. You can follow your order processing (pre despatch only) by clicking the button below and entering your order details. Despatch details and delivery tracking will be supplied once your order is on it’s way.

Do the guitars and drums play?2021-01-10T13:14:51+00:00


As lovely as they are, all of the products are purely ornamental.

Where do you deliver to?2021-01-10T13:14:51+00:00


We deliver all around the world all year round.

How long does delivery take?2021-01-10T13:14:51+00:00

Orders are normally processed within 48 hours.

From shipment, estimated delivery times are as follows:
  • UK  1 to 3 days
  • Europe  3 to 5 days
  • USA and Canada  3 to 7 days
  • Rest of World  3 to 10 days
Can I track my order?2021-01-10T13:14:51+00:00